Articulated Cutting Heads

The modular design of Echidna's tilts, rotators and rails allows you to combine them to form articulated systems, which allow saw cutting in all positions and at all angles.

  • increase productivity
  • reduce blade wear
  • reduce tooth loss on blades
  • increase the safety of operators
  • in many applications, to make the job possible in the first place.

Components Available

Diamond rocksaws
Rotators and tilts
  • Telescopic arms
  • Laser measurement devices
  • Rails built to user specification with lengths up to 8m
  • Remote control


combined rotators and tilts


 A rocksaw held directly by the excavator can only cut in the vertical plane, radial to the excavator. An offset extension can be used to  shift the saw outside of the excavator tracks, but the cutting is still parallel to the radius.


 excavator cutting from abobe

Demolition work, and other tasks such as remedial work in tunnels, often involves cutting at other angles. Often there is insufficient access to the site, such as in the case of wharf demolitions where the cutting must occur across the front of the excavator.

Echidna's articulated systems allow precise positioning  and steady advance of the demolition saw at the desired angle. This improves cutting efficiency by not trying to cut around the circumference of a circle.