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Unleash the full capabilities of your excavator with Echidna's range of attachments.

We have models to suit all excavators from 1 tonne up to 70 tonnes.

Excavator Saws

diamond rocksaw on stand

  • precision cuts up to 1500mm deep
  • variety of applications - eg demolition, excavation, quarrying, recycling, roadworks
  • cut rock, concrete, bitumen, asphalt, metals, wood, fibreglass and more
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auger on a stand

Utilise the full power of your excavator with our compact, high performance design.
  • High torque
  • Direct drive
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  • models suitable for handling logs, rock, demolition materials
  • use with echidna rotator, tilt rotator or universal joint for greater flexibility
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Tilts & Rotators

rotators and tilts

  • self locking, and very high holding torque
  • high flow through
  • infinite rotation for up to 9 lines
  • modular design
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Rock Grinders

rock grinder

  • for roadworks, excavations, demolition and trenching
  • Accessories include custom drums for varied width, replacement picks and hydraulic rotator
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Articulated Cutting Heads, Excavator Wall Saws

articulated cutting head for cutting at angles

Combine rotators and tilts with rails for cutting in all positions and at all angles, without compromising safety, productivity and blade life
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Stump Grinder

excavator stumpgrinder

Echidna Excavator stump grinders use the power and reach of an excavator to remove stumps quickly and efficiently, even in difficult to access locations.

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Wood Saw

excavator wood saw

Suitable for firewood, tree trimming, clearing, hedge trimming and milling, our excavator woodsaws take the hard work out of wood cutting

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Automated Self-Propelled Cutting System

Stand-alone, self-propelled automatic cutting system

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Custom Design

custom designed solutions

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