Rotators and tilts


  • for excavators 1 to 90 tonnes
  • self locking, and very high holding torque
  • high flow through
  • infinite rotation for up to 9 lines through
  • modular design allows use in tilt-rotator or roto-tilt configurations, combine through flow rotators with tilts and rails to form articulated systems
  • more compact and substantially stronger than other designs
  • optional clutch protection for torque overload, or replacable protection fuse
  • insensitive to vibration, suitable for compactors and other high vibration devices
  • roto-tilt essential when using with rocksaws for cutting at angles


Recommended for use with

Rock grinders
Grapples and grabs
Diamond saw multiaxial cutting heads
Directional drill guide rails

Echidna Rotating Heads

  • very high torque up to 1,200,000 Nm!
  • very robust construction
  • torque for the same physical size, gear ratios from 1:15 to 1:200
  • High Flow models - up to 500 lpm through flow with minimum back pressure
  • up to 9 through lines possible

Echidna Tilting Heads

  • very high torque
  • very high holding torque
  • robust construction
  • self locking
  •  +/-180 degree tilt angle