Cutting Carpet


October 2015

Recycling of rolled materials presents a problem in that the rolls cannot be directly fed into the shredder, but must first be cut into smaller sheets for processing.

Carpet is particularly difficult - it is heavy, tough and fibrous.

Echidna dealer ARVI recommended the Echidna D4HS with a 17 tonne wheeled excavator at Entsorgung-Lober GmbH recycling plant in Germany, for cutting disapproved and damaged rolls of carpet into manageable pieces. The job had previously been performed using using a hand tool (angle grinder) or a 600kW shredder. The shredder uses 600l of diesel fuel per day.

What used to take 1 week in the shredder was done in 1/2 day.

Apart from higher productivity, it also has the advantage that there is no manual labour, so there is less risk of accident and injury.

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