Cutting Firewood with Echidna Excavator Saws



All of the diamond rocksaws can be converted to a wood saw suitable for cutting firewood. The diamond rocksaws come with two-direction spin, which is unnecessary for wood cutting, we can modify the machines for only single direction.

Blade Selection

There are two main choices with wood cutting blades - diameter and tip type. The diameter is given by the cutting depth required, and the tip speed which is determined by the oil flow provided and the motor capacity. The tip type is a simple choice.

Tungsten-carbide tipped blades retain sharpness for longer than hardened steel tips, which makes them a popular choice, particularly when cutting fallen timber with soil. However, sharpening then is more difficult, and requires a special tool.

Recommended Equipment

Echidna's wood saw range is based on the diamond rocksaws. Saws from the standard (S) and high speed (HS) are the most recommended for this purpose. Blade diameters up to 900mm are readily available. Larger diameters up to 1800mm are also available.

For wood cutting and stump grinding operations, single direction spin is all that is needed. Please advise your dealer if you would like the single direction option.

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