Concrete Cutting and Demolition Saws for Excavators

For demolition, particularly of concrete structures, a diamond rocksaw driven by an excavator can be an invaluable tool. Its advantages over other methods include

increased productivity
low vibration reduces damage and noise
and can give a clean, tidy finish
minimal damage to the surrounding environment.


Safety and high productivity are important factors in choosing between work methods.

A rocksaw operated from the safety of an excavator cabin has distinct advantages over hand operated tools.

Where there is an automatic brake on the saw blade, the operator cannot touch the spinning blade, and is protected from falling or flying debris. It can be used to reach locations which would be risky for a workman with a hand held concrete saw.


Excavator concrete saws can outperform road cutter saws in terms of cutting speed and flexibility.

While push-along road cutters are limited to horizontal cutting, excavator saws can be used to cut walls and over rough terrain.

Low Vibration

Low vibrations allow for cutting in sensitive or unstable areas.

Where demolition is occurring in built up areas, hydraulic breakers can cause cracking in adjacent structures. With the reach of an excavator, the rocksaw can be used to cut unsupported structures such as bridges.

robot with echidna diamond rocksaw demolition

Mini Excavator and Robot Concrete Saws

Smaller excavators and robots can replace the hand-held and small push-along demolition saws. They can also be used in conjunction with hammers and other excavator attachments to increase productivity.

Compared with hand held concrete saws there is reduced risk of back injury, and effects of vibration on hands and arms. The excavator arm can reach places that a human with a hand held saw can not safely reach.

A robot with a rocksaw can enter a hazardous environment  - poor air quality, toxic substances, unstable walls - without endangering the operator

concrete wharf demolition

Demolition and Concrete Saws for Larger excavators

  • substantially cheaper to buy an excavator attachment than a dedicated concrete cutter
  • The power available from larger excavators, when coupled with the correct hydraulic concrete saw, can far exceed the dedicated road saws.
  • the excavator arm can reach over uneven ground, where dedicated concrete saws must have an even surface
  • the operator is safely distant from the cutting action, and protected by the excavator
  • setup times are greatly reduced when compared with dedicated wall-saw system
articulated arm for demolition

Excavator Wall Saws and Articulated Cutting Heads

Echidna also produces guide rails which make the saw into a very powerful wall saw unit that does not need to be bolted onto the cut structure. The excavator arm lifts, rotates, tilts and holds it in its place on a wall while cutting. With no time wasted with fixtures it can then move onto the next cut.

automated concrete demolition machine

Special Demolition Saws

For large concrete slab demolition works, it may be advantageous to utilise one of our automated, self powered concrete cutting machines. These machines improve cutting rates and blade life, and reduce labour costs.

Recommended Equipment

Diamond Rocksaws
Articulated Cutting Heads
Automated Cutting System