Echidna has released one of the most significant developments in the field of mobile rock cutting, concrete cutting and demolition works: a Cutting Optimiser for rock saws such as those used with excavators.

  • reduces operator fatigue
  • improves the daily productivity easily by a factor of 3 compared to even the best of human operators.
  • increases rocksaw blade life by applying optimum pressure for cutting

This hydraulic servo control system takes over from the operator in controlling the feed rate of the rocksaw, be it a diamond or carbide saw. This device automatically detects the presence of an active tool (eg a rock saw) on the excavator. When there is no rocksaw present, the excavator functions like without the rocksaw.

When a rocksaw is activated, i.e. cutting blade is made to spin, the operator brings the blade slowly into contact with the rock, concrete or other material to be cut and the servo unit automatically takes over the control of the rocksaw movement.

No more exhausting operator hours concentrating on fine control of the joy stick. The operator simply engages the appropriate joy stick into "full throttle" position and the Optimiser does his work. When the joy stick is released the Optimiser automatically and instantly disengages.