Custom Design Solutions

Custom Earthmoving Attachments &
Stand-alone Systems

Our in-house designers can provide solutions where standard products will not suffice.

Our custom design services may be as simple as selecting and assembling components from our existing equipment, to completely new machinery.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss you application, and if we cannot offer a standard solution, we may be able to offer a custom design.

Some examples include:

Telescopic, rotating arm for cutting tunnel lining

telescopic cutting head

This cutting attachment was conceived for the removal of temporary support structures used in conjuction with the New Austrian Method in tunnelling.

The first such device is a 75 kW cutting head carried by a Liebherr 944 tunneling excavator.

This head provides remotely controlled articulation around 5 axis and thus allows the cutting at any angle and any position that can be reached by the excavator within the tunnel profile or any other structure. The depth of the cut is controlled using laser measurement to automatically adjust the telescopi arm.

This is essentially a demolition saw, but it can be used to cut slots and pockets in any concrete or rock structure without an access to a free edge, as the device provides the possibility to plunge into a middle of a continuous wall. In conjuction with a Cutting Optimiser that is an integral part of this attachment this new development signifies a milestone development in the afore mentioned tunnelling operation essentially eliminating the danger of collapse experienced with the application of previous methods.

 Stand-alone, remote controlled system for cutting concrete

stand alone concrete demolition unit

The CS5 cutting system was developed for the demolition of a 1300 mm thick, heavily reinforced concrete floor in the Swiss RAE building in Zurich. Access to and movement within the site was limited by heavy steel structures and rubble which made the stand alone system an attractive option.

Actual cutting rates achieved were ca 6 sqm per hour; the main limitation being a very large content of very heavy steel reinforcement 32mm steel bars on 200 x 200 grid throughout the concrete with extra 40mm steel bars in the last 100mm. In a more "normal" situation, cutting rates of 10 - 15 sqm/hr could be achieved.

Special blades for special applications in demolition and recycling

special blades for special applications

Recycling of rolled materials presents a problem in that the rolls cannot be directly fed into the shredder, but must first be cut into smaller sheets for processing.

Carpet is particularly difficult - it is heavy, tough and fibrous.

Echidna dealer ARVI recommended the Echidna D4HS with a 17 tonne wheeled excavator at Entsorgung-Lober GmbH recycling plant in Germany, for cutting disapproved and damaged rolls of carpet into manageable pieces. The job had previously been performed using using a hand tool (angle grinder) or a 600kW shredder. The shredder uses 600l of diesel fuel per day.

What used to take 1 week in the shredder was done in 1/2 day.

Apart from higher productivity, it also has the advantage that there is no manual labour, so there is less risk of accident and injury.


Stand-alone system for cutting concrete slab in steel works

iron slab cutting systemThis stand-alone, self powered and remotely controlled systems was designed to cut a slab of spilled iron. The environment was hazardous, and the material difficult to cut. The machine is built for slow spinning, metal cutting blades. Its massive construction is designed for slow feedrates and high stability required to prevent damage to the blade tips.